Shopping Anyone?

Shopping is one of those things that you can’t escape. No matter how much you put it off you will always have to do it.

Shopping Anyone? pintrest photo.png

In the movies shopping is a fun girly activity that even the really weird outcast likes to do. It’s bonding time for friends or mothers and daughters. A bit of retail therapy to help you feel better.

I personally am not a fan. To me, shopping is a chore, something I have to do when I need a new coat or my handbag that served me faithfully for 4 years finally breaks. It most certainly isn’t something I do for fun.

The whole process of shopping is not something I cope with well. First, you have to decide where to go! So you have to know what it is you’re looking for, which shops are most suitable, where you can get to. Then how do you get there? Getting the train means you may get there quicker don’t have to worry about parking in busy car parks and may get into town quicker, but you have to then take your shopping bags back on the train too. But do you really want to drive all that way?

Once you finally get there it’s which shops do you go to first? A tactical route which will avoid most of the painful shuffling and give you regular breaks for sustenance in the form of morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Once you’re in the shops you have to painstakingly rummage through rails upon rails of clothes trying to find something you actually like. Then you locate the changing room and try the singular item that you found on only to discover that it looks completely awful on and you have to start all over again.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan. Shopping wears me down and I don’t understand why people do it regularly for fun! I have a few ways I make this chore bearable, similar to watching telly as you do the ironing or playing music while you clean.

  • I try to always go shopping with someone else. It takes the pressure off you to constantly look for things and you get to chat! Always a bonus. If you trust the person it’s helpful if they scan a critical eye over your items before you hit the changing rooms to limit the pain. Often shopping with others means that they pick things out for you that you may not have thought of that actually look great.
  • Lunch is VERY important. It is a crucial break from the shops and if you make the most of it, you can bear to go back to the shops and don’t feel so awful.
  • Go with a list. It reduces the amount of needless searching that you do getting the whole process over with as quick as possible.

This is how I survive the horror of shopping how about everyone else? What do you do? Do you like shopping?



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