Anyone for a cuppa?

Anyone for a cuppa?.png

I love tea. Fruit, herbal, Yorkshire. But what else is there?

Well, I have been having a bit of an experiment recently and with a bit of research I have found out about all sorts of health benefits of tea that I had completely overlooked or just never really paid attention to.

I knew a cup of chamomile was supposed to make you sleep better and peppermint was a good antioxidant. But rooibos? Pu-erh? What else can a humble cup of tea give to us?

Proper tea

I love this infographic! I never really knew exactly what each type of tea did. Since researching this I have tried a couple more different types and been very pleasantly surprised. Although I must say I am yet to find a tea I don’t like. I would like to point out

I would like to point out the David’s Tea logo at the bottom. I discovered David’s Tea on a holiday to Canada and they have the most amazing selection with some beautiful blends with highly amusing names. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver to the UK yet so I’m stuck looking enviously at their website. In the meantime, I have found a couple of brilliant local shops that are very friendly. It’s worth having a little look in your local area for a tea shop. The one type I haven’t tried yet is the matcha tea which is becoming a bit of a trend.


Matcha tea

From David’s Tea Instagram @davidstea



One of the best things about a cuppa however, is the way it can change your mood. Whether you have been having a rough day or you’re feeling a bit ill, even if you already have a spring in your step. There is a tea for that. It’s my go-to comfort. Having a group of friends sat around a table each with a cup of tea is one of the best ways to actually relax, chat and listen. See what’s going on with each other. Connect you to other people. Your closest friends are those who, as soon as they walk in the kettle is on ready to sit down with a hot mug of tea.

Tell me about your favourite tea’s and your favourite people to share them with!



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