Bullet Journals??

Bullet Journals seemed to appear out of nowhere to become a big fad all over my Pinterest feed. Now I am one of those people who try so hard to be organised they have tried almost every method in the book! I have my planner, which I don’t know how I would survive without! I have monthly printouts, weekly desk planners, weekly to-do lists, meal planners, shopping lists, daily to-do lists, workout schedules, tv logs, reading lists, expenses logs, grade trackers and even lecture plans. You name it I have probably tried it at some point.

To those who don’t know me I probably seem ridiculously organised already, but that is where you would be wrong. I have so many different methods of keeping myself organised that I spend so much time keeping them all up to date I never actually get round to doing the things on all these lists! This is why I’m looking to try and streamline this, making a simple way for me to log everything all together.

Bullet journals hadn’t really crossed my mind. As far as I was aware they were these beautifully ornate notebooks for tracking things that I already had ways of tracking. But that’s actually why I’m now so intrigued. I cannot draw to save my life. I just want to put that put there! I’m not one of those people who will spend hours doodling in the corner of their notebooks, in fact, I completely freak out if there are any marks on my notes.

I was trying to find a way to better organise my notes for uni as I currently write all my in lecture notes in a notebook then write them up with notes from textbooks into a neat note form to use to make my revision notes later on. I know this seems like a crazy amount of work and it is but its the only way I have found to get things to stick in my brain. Somehow as always happens when I’m browsing online late at night I got distracted and got onto looking at bullet journals. I would describe a bullet journal as a cross between a planner and a to-do list. The nicest thing about them though is that they are completely customisable and you can use them for whatever you want! I personally wouldn’t use them as a day to day planner as I adore my dedicated planner for that. However, I think it would be the perfect tool to store all my household stuff in that I don’t really have the space to store in my relatively small planner. It’s also far more convenient than having twenty different sheets of paper on my desk with lists on them!

Bullet Journals? pintrest

I think I’m going to give the bullet journal a chance and see how it works for some of the more long term lists that have been hanging around my room for a while. I’ll keep you updated as to how it goes!?

Let me know what you think about bullet journals in the comments! Do any of you use a bullet journal? If not would you consider it for some things like me? Or do you like having separate lists for everything?


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