Exam Season Panic!

It’s that time of year again! when exams just seem to sneak up on you, hiding on the next page of your planner.

Exam season Panic!

Every time I do the same thing. I plan for exams, I start doing the work, extra reading, revision notes and every time it gets to two weeks before the exam and I actually figure out that they are just around the corner. As its also my first year of uni I also finish much earlier than I’m used to, which isn’t helping my confusion!

The last few assessments are all due in soon and everything is coming to a boil without me really having a chance to keep up with it. As I would have been able to predict despite my best intentions I still managed to get behind on my notes and my least favourite module is the hardest one. None of this really motivates me to revise. However,  I have found something that really helps!!

I have a ‘slight’ stationary obsession! And beautiful notes really do fill my heart with joy! Yes. I sound cheesy but it really does help. The only catch is that the notes still have to be useful. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it really does help. The only catch is that the notes still have to be useful. It’s taken me years to get a balance between pretty notes and notes that actually contain the content I need to learn. I am one of those people who can read something and forget 70% of it within twenty minutes. So I write everything down, and I mean everything! It is summarised and edited and summarised again until I finally remember it.

That may have worked perfectly well for my school career so far but it is not going to help here. As I learned in last semester’s exams I can’t focus completely on the lecture material I need to have more of a solid general understanding from my further reading before I try to learn the facts.

Anyway, I like pretty notes and I have come across a couple of people on Pinterest and Instagram with some amazing note inspiration! Including emmastuddies, studious-annabeth and the organised student (the organised student also has some amazing printable’s).

I don’t know if anyone else does notes like this or if it’s just me and these guys. Does anyone else find a little bit of colour goes a long way when it comes to revision? Let me know what you think! Best of luck to everyone this exam season!! May the odds be ever in your favour!

These Organised Student Printables and more are available free at theorganisedstudent.tumbler.com


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