It’s the little things

It really is the little things in life that bring me so much joy. This evening I went on a run through some fields and meadows in the pouring rain. Just me lots of mud, a handful of damp rabbits and a very confused grouse.

It's the little things.png

I love running the freedom and space to just get away from the everyday hum of life for a while. But running in the rain is just the most exhilarating thing. The way the cool summer rain hits my warm skin, making it tingle just makes me feel so alive. There is something about the emptiness of a place in the rain as well. I was running along a path I have been walking all my life but only really seeing for the first time. It’s my own little corner of the world and it’s magical.

It got me thinking about how many places I haven’t seen yet. things that may be just on my doorstep. Things I really ought to have seen having grown up just outside the dales, but somehow I have just managed to miss. I want to start to see them. To rediscover the place I call home. I want to find the hidden gems that are off the beaten track and see the places that tourists flock to from all over the world. In a way, it seems sad that I haven’t done this earlier but maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it the same way I will now.

Do you know any cool hidden places where you live that are worth going to see? Or are they still out there waiting for you to discover?

Till next time!


Exam Season Panic!

It’s that time of year again! when exams just seem to sneak up on you, hiding on the next page of your planner.

Exam season Panic!

Every time I do the same thing. I plan for exams, I start doing the work, extra reading, revision notes and every time it gets to two weeks before the exam and I actually figure out that they are just around the corner. As its also my first year of uni I also finish much earlier than I’m used to, which isn’t helping my confusion!

The last few assessments are all due in soon and everything is coming to a boil without me really having a chance to keep up with it. As I would have been able to predict despite my best intentions I still managed to get behind on my notes and y least favourite module is the hardest one. None of this really motivates me to revise. However,  I have found something that really helps!!

I have a ‘slight’ stationary obsession! And beautiful notes really do fill my heart with joy! Yes. I sound cheesy but it really does help. The only catch is that the notes still have to be useful. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it really does help. The only catch is that the notes still have to be useful. It’s taken me years to get a balance between pretty notes and notes that actually contain the content I need to learn. I am one of those people who can read something and forget 70% of it within twenty minutes. So I write everything down, and I mean everything! It is summarised and edited and summarised again until I finally remember it.

That may have worked perfectly well for my school career so far but it is not going to help here. As I learned in last semester’s exams I can’t focus completely on the lecture material I need to have more of a solid general understanding from my further reading before I try to learn the facts.

Anyway, I like pretty notes and I have come across a couple of people on Pinterest and Instagram with some amazing note inspiration! Including emmastuddies, studious-annabeth and the organised student (the organised student also has some amazing printable’s).

I don’t know if anyone else does notes like this or if it’s just me and these guys. Does anyone else find a little bit of colour goes a long way when it comes to revision? Let me know what you think! Best of luck to everyone this exam season!! May the odds be ever in your favour!

These Organised Student Printables and more are available free at

Bullet Journals??

Bullet Journals seemed to appear out of nowhere to become a big fad all over my Pinterest feed. Now I am one of those people who try so hard to be organised they have tried almost every method in the book! I have my planner, which I don’t know how I would survive without! I have monthly printouts, weekly desk planners, weekly to-do lists, meal planners, shopping lists,, daily to-do lists, workout schedules, tv logs, reading lists, expenses logs, grade trackers and even lecture plans. You name it I have probably tried it at some point.

To those who don’t know me I probably seem ridiculously organised already, but that is where you would be wrong. I have so many different methods of keeping myself organised that I spend so much time keeping them all up to date I never actually get round to doing the things on all these lists! This is why I’m looking to try and streamline this, making a simple way for me to log everything all together.

Bullet journals hadn’t really crossed my mind. As far as I was aware they were these beautifully ornate notebooks for tracking things that I already had ways of tracking. But that’s actually why I’m now so intrigued. I cannot draw to save my life. I just want to put that put there! I’m not one of those people who will spend hours doodling in the corner of their notebooks, in fact, I completely freak out if there are any marks on my notes.

I was trying to find a way to better organise my notes for uni as I currently write all my in lecture notes in a notebook then write them up with notes from textbooks into a neat note form to use to make my revision notes later on. I know this seems like a crazy amount of work and it is but its the only way I have found to get things to stick in my brain. Somehow as always happens when I’m browsing online late at night I got distracted and got onto looking at bullet journals. I would describe a bullet journal as a cross between a planner and a to-do list. The nicest thing about them though is that they are completely customisable and you can use them for whatever you want! I personally wouldn’t use them as a day to day planner as I adore my dedicated planner for that. However, I think it would be the perfect tool to store all my household stuff in that I don’t really have the space to store in my relatively small planner. It’s also far more convenient than having twenty different sheets of paper on my desk with lists on them!

Bullet Journals? pintrest

I think I’m going to give the bullet journal a chance and see how it works for some of the more long term lists that have been hanging around my room for a while. I’ll keep you updated as to how it goes!?

Let me know what you think about bullet journals in the comments! Do any of you use a bullet journal? If not would you consider it for some things like me? Or do you like having separate lists for everything?

Anyone for a cuppa?

Anyone for a cuppa?.png

I love tea. Fruit, herbal, Yorkshire. But what else is there?

Well, I have been having a bit of an experiment recently and with a bit of research I have found out about all sorts of health benefits of tea that I had completely overlooked or just never really paid attention to.

I knew a cup of chamomile was supposed to make you sleep better and peppermint was a good antioxidant. But rooibos? Pu-erh? What else can a humble cup of tea give to us?

Proper tea

I love this infographic! I never really knew exactly what each type of tea did. Since researching this I have tried a couple more different types and been very pleasantly surprised. Although I must say I am yet to find a tea I don’t like. I would like to point out

I would like to point out the David’s Tea logo at the bottom. I discovered David’s Tea on a holiday to Canada and they have the most amazing selection with some beautiful blends with highly amusing names. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver to the UK yet so I’m stuck looking enviously at their website. In the meantime, I have found a couple of brilliant local shops that are very friendly. It’s worth having a little look in your local area for a tea shop. The one type I haven’t tried yet is the matcha tea which is becoming a bit of a trend.


Matcha tea

From David’s Tea Instagram @davidstea



One of the best things about a cuppa however, is the way it can change your mood. Whether you have been having a rough day or you’re feeling a bit ill, even if you already have a spring in your step. There is a tea for that. It’s my go-to comfort. Having a group of friends sat around a table each with a cup of tea is one of the best ways to actually relax, chat and listen. See what’s going on with each other. Connect you to other people. Your closest friends are those who, as soon as they walk in the kettle is on ready to sit down with a hot mug of tea.

Tell me about your favourite tea’s and your favourite people to share them with!


New Year, New Me?

I know it’s February but it’s 2017! What bugs me about this time of year is when people try to change everything about them! How they look, what they eat? But none of that stuff really matters. What does matter is what you think of yourself and how you feel within yourself.


One good thing that comes out of this time of year is standing back, looking in the mirror and asking myself, are you happy? If not then, what’s wrong?

Somethings are easier to fix than others. I have pretty low body confidence so I had been trying to change the way I looked. But when I really thought about it the way I looked wasn’t the problem. I don’t need to look like everyone else because I’m not everyone else. What I really need to do is become more confident in myself.

The way I did my hair, my makeup or the way I dressed could be a part of that but it isn’t the real problem. I need to believe in myself that I am enough. I’m sorry to say it but I need to do one of those crash course in finding yourself because somewhere along the way I seem to have got a bit lost. I don’t need to do anything ridiculously dramatic like go live in the Amazon rainforest for a month. But I do need to look at my life and find out what’s important to be before I mess something up. I want to get back to me where I can just be happy by myself I don’t need other people to do it for me. I’m not trying to push people away I don’t want to isolate myself. I just want the freedom to experiment with a few things to be a typical student and see what it feels like. Maybe I do want to go a little wild, maybe I will just read the book that I have always wanted to read. There is no way of knowing what you like if you don’t try everything.

Once I have found what makes me happy I will hopefully have to confidence to show the world who I really am. This comes with no guarantees, I don’t know how long it will take, I don’t know what I will find but it’s my adventure. It’s something I have to do before I find my place.

Shopping Anyone?

Shopping is one of those things that you can’t escape. No matter how much you put it off you will always have to do it.

Shopping Anyone? pintrest photo.png

In the movies shopping is a fun girly activity that even the really weird outcast likes to do. It’s bonding time for friends or mothers and daughters. A bit of retail therapy to help you feel better.

I personally am not a fan. To me, shopping is a chore, something I have to do when I need a new coat or my handbag that served me faithfully for 4 years finally breaks. It most certainly isn’t something I do for fun.

The whole process of shopping is not something I cope with well. First, you have to decide where to go! So you have to know what it is you’re looking for, which shops are most suitable, where you can get to. Then how do you get there? Getting the train means you may get there quicker don’t have to worry about parking in busy car parks and may get into town quicker, but you have to then take your shopping bags back on the train too. But do you really want to drive all that way?

Once you finally get there it’s which shops do you go to first? A tactical route which will avoid most of the painful shuffling and give you regular breaks for sustenance in the form of morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Once you’re in the shops you have to painstakingly rummage through rails upon rails of clothes trying to find something you actually like. Then you locate the changing room and try the singular item that you found on only to discover that it looks completely awful on and you have to start all over again.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan. Shopping wears me down and I don’t understand why people do it regularly for fun! I have a few ways I make this chore bearable, similar to watching telly as you do the ironing or playing music while you clean.

  • I try to always go shopping with someone else. It takes the pressure off you to constantly look for things and you get to chat! Always a bonus. If you trust the person it’s helpful if they scan a critical eye over your items before you hit the changing rooms to limit the pain. Often shopping with others means that they pick things out for you that you may not have thought of that actually look great.
  • Lunch is VERY important. It is a crucial break from the shops and if you make the most of it, you can bear to go back to the shops and don’t feel so awful.
  • Go with a list. It reduces the amount of needless searching that you do getting the whole process over with as quick as possible.

This is how I survive the horror of shopping how about everyone else? What do you do? Do you like shopping?


How Many Bags? What to pack for Uni

Fluffy teddies? Teapots? Fairy lights?

How to decide what to take to uni is tough. You don’t want to take too much because it has to fit in to the car, but you want to have enough to make your new dorm room feel like home. Hopefully this will help you decide!


I started uni a couple of months ago and I think I pretty much have everything I need here now. I’m a first year living in off site university halls, meaning I have strict rules on blue-tac, sellotape and putting holes in walls. These things limit how much you can do to decorate. Its defiantly well worth having a look at your tenancy agreement to find out what your allowed and what your not! Its also worth asking what your room already has as every room is different.

Here are a few key things to find out about:

  • Do you have a pin board?
  • How much shelving is there?
  • How big is your desk?
  • Whats the storage space like?
  • Do you have a mirror?
  • How much light gets into your room? (this is more of a personal preference but is worth finding out!)


Now down to the packing. If your living away from home you don’t need to take your entire wardrobe with you. Its worth thinking about capsule wardrobes for different seasons. This way when you go home for a visit you can change over some pieces. So far this is working for me and I found the capsule wardrobe making process good fun (but then again I’m odd like that). I have very little in the way of a fashion sense but I found that KatBerries six step guide was very handy. There are loads out there so have a nosey around and pick something that works for you.

Storage space is something that I didn’t really think about until I got here, luckily I had plenty. If you know what your going to have you can bring more if you think your going to need it. I have under bed storage boxes and I love them! They are great for shoes and cleaning stuff you don’t really want on display. Most dorm rooms are quite small so you might not want to bring things that take up too much space.

Mini fridges and appliances are something that I know some people have brought. I didn’t bring anything like that however its personal choice. It also depends on how much room you are going to have. You don’t want your room to be swamped by a fridge or printer if you are never going to use it. I don’t think I need a fridge but a printer is possibly a future investment. It is probably best to see how you go and then only buy one if you need it later on.

Right on to the more fun stuff! Decorating!! I spent hours trawling through Pinterest looking at images trying to find inspiration. Have a nosey at my dorm room board if you want some ideas. What worked for me was to stop thinking about the overall image first. Start simple.

  1. Bedsheets – What colour/pattern do you want
  2. Do you need to bring a mirror
  3. You’ll need a clock

Once you have things like that sorted you already have the basis for your theme without even trying! Then every thing else can just match like towels for my bathroom.

Lighting was my next step. I put this on the find out about list because when I moved in I discovered that I was a ground floor flat so I have frosted glass windows. Which as you may guess don’t let much light in. Getting light into my room was a big deal to me. I brought a desk lamp with me as well as some battery powered fairy lights for around my pin board. I have bought a couple more fairy lights since moving in just to make the room more cozy.

Pictures of family and friends from home is a pretty standard thing to want to bring. I got a bunch of photos developed in cute little vintage instant photo prints. They were a bit more pricy than basic ones though. I wanted to decorate my pin board with them but being me I didn’t want to just pin then up like a normal person. I bought a couple of small vinyl  records a couple of years ago that don’t play anymore thinking they were cute so I brought then with me. I got some cute  Paperchase much pins and put the records scattered across my pin board and using clothes pegs I had painted to match my room I pegged them to the records and the lights around the board.

I also brought some pictures in frames for my desk and window ledge but one of the big things in my room is a large print map of Amsterdam from a holiday earlier in the year. I put it in a frame and it sits on my desk. I love it but the idea can work just as easily for posters that you may have wanted to stick on the wall. A couple of them of varying sizes could look amazing.

One thing for me about moving to a city from the country was the lack of green there would be in my life. So naturally I was desperate to bring some plants. Low maintenance plants are defiantly best for me as I quite often forget to regularly water them. I brought two with me and am hoping to collect a couple more now I know how much room I have.

Kitchen stuff was generally overlooked when I was looking at what to bring lists. I would have liked more of a heads up on this one. Parents are great at helping with this one! I discovered that I have an induction hob when I arrived so none of my pans worked! To save yourself the money make sure you check what type of hob you have. I don’t have hundreds of pans and dishes with me. I have a pot, a pan, oven tray and a glass oven dish. I could probably do with one more smaller pan. I have also bought a traybake tin and silicon cupcake cases that can stand on their own as I love baking. A loaf tin is next on the list. These are things I didn’t know if I would want so didn’t get till later on. I also only have a couple of basic utensils. You don’t need 101 different ones your a student not a master chef. Don’t go too crazy. Remember to bring food boxes for leftovers and a flask for lectures. I don’t know what I would do with out mine. I also brought Ikea food bags which are great and come in a range of sizes.

What are you going to eat off? Plates and bowls are something you do not want to forget. Im the only one in my flat with colourful plates which makes them handy to find. Something that is also helpful is marking your cutlery. Even if you have completely different sets to your flatmates it can still be hard to tell. Nail varnish lasts for a while but I haven’t found anything better yet.

Food!! This is the most important thing! bringing a couple of spices you may use regularly can add a lot to you meals. Also try and cook a little before you go. Cooking for one is hard when your not used to it. I normally cook for two and save half for another meal. Read a couple of cook books too, get some inspiration. You don’t need to splash out on buying loads though as you will probably only use a couple of recipes. There are loads of great recipes online, however if you prefer actual books local public libraries have a huge selection and are totally free to join.

You may have noticed that I put tea pots up at the top. This is because I am a bit of a tea fan. I like to try different flavours and blends. This is just something I like , maybe your a coffee person? Let me know in the comments!